I started photography at a young age, armed with my agfa push slide camera with a cube flash.

I still have that camera.

 I studied media at Murdoch university from 1997 to 1999.

I had my own darkroom set up and produced prints from film. 

Now back at Murdoch Univesity completing an honours degree in photography.

I have worked on weddings, events corporate, studio portraits and fashion. 

Photography is my career and my life.

This is a serious dedication to creating images with a relaxed friendly approach.

I admire other photographers such as Joel Grimes ,Alexia Sinclair, Lindsey Adler, Sue Bryce and Dennis Morris just to name a few.

I love photography and all the creative freedom that comes with it.

So contact me direct anytime and we can discuss your photography.

Studio portrait sessions are free to book and only pay for the images you like.

Look forward to meeting you.,

Glen Raffaele

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